At Kroff, we understand there’s not one solution that fits all.  Therefore, we offer a wide range of cleaning products to ensure we exceed our customers required cleaning specifications.    

Our full line of cleaning products and detergent additives includes alkaline, neutral, and acidic products that provide outstanding results with parts cleaners, floor scrubbers and countless other applications. 

How do we do this?

Our cleaning and detergent additives are designed to be user-friendly, which includes monitoring the concentration and bath life through easy-to-use methods.  For operations requiring greater levels of monitoring, we offer automated control systems to ensure the chemistry is consistently performing at optimal conditions.

At Kroff, we work closely with each customer to understand all aspects of the equipment and processes.  Our products and services are custom tailored to ensure that we exceed the needs and deliver high quality results… EVERY TIME! 

Why do we do this?

As the manufacturing industry has evolved throughout the years, the chemistries used in the cleaning processes have equally evolved.  At Kroff, we’ve faced these challenges head-on by developing cutting edge products that provide outstanding performance and consistent Return On Investment.  

Our product line covers the entire spectrum for the manufacturing and industrial environment.  Additionally, our “Green” focus means many of our products sustain minimal hazards to protect both personal and environmental aspects.  

We would be happy to meet and discuss how Kroff can improve your operational processes through our products and services.  We’re Here To Help!!