Online Automation For Boilers and Cooling Tower Systems

Automation is necessary for both boiler and cooling water treatment control. By installing a cell tower router, this will allow for 24/7 coverage from the plant as well as your Kroff representative.  This is so important especially at or during times of lockdown and manpower reduction.

How Does This Work?

Automation controls the conductivity through blow down controller and all your chemical control needs.  

Online Automation can help Kroff maintain better, more consistent control of your boiler and cooling systems.   This type of control along with Kroff service visits help ensure against costly downtime and ensure protection of your asset management.

Why Do Customers Need This Service?

Prevent Scale, corrosion, fouling, and microbiological slime which will potentially cost you downtime and loss in efficiency.

By maintaining better control of your chemical program, this ensures that overfeed of chemicals do not occur that may be a problem for the wastewater leaving your site.