Legionella Abatement

Kroff’s Water Hygiene Division takes innovative and problem-solving based approaches to minimizing risks associated with Legionella and other water borne pathogens in facility domestic water systems and cooling tower applications.

How is this Done?

Our Potable and Non-Potable Legionella remediation and consulting services perform the following:

– Legionella and water born pathogen testing and analysis.

– Water Management Plan development and Legionella/pathogen education.

– Remediation, disinfection services, and routine cleaning of cooling towers, decorative fountains, ice machines, spa, and coils.  

– Monochloramine and chlorine dioxide equipment installation, monitoring, and service.

– Working knowledge and strict adherence to ASHRAE 188/ANSI 12 Standards

– Working relationship with world renowned Legionella and Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, Special Pathogens Laboratory in Pittsburgh, PA.  

Why is this Important?

Since the passage of ASHRAE 188 into law, facilities find themselves trying to navigate the requirements and best practices of the standard.  We are uniquely positioned to assist our customers in testing, remediation, and constructing water management plans for our partners. 

We follow industry best practices to safely test and remediate contaminated water sources (whether domestic or non-potable) as to insure that the occupants of each facility can operate in an environment free and clear of biological pathogens that are naturally occurring in building water systems.