Waste Solidification Products

Kroff’s waste solidification products are utilized to convert liquid waste to a solid waste, allowing it to then be disposed of via landfill, incineration, or other means of solids disposal.  These products are typically used for liquid wastes that are difficult, and expensive, to treat or dispose of as a liquid.

How Do We Do This?

The solidification process is fairly simple and just requires that the solidification product be in contact with the liquid waste.  Typically, pouring the liquid waste into a container that has the solidification product in it will provided sufficient agitation.

The local Kroff representative will facilitate testing to determine which of the solidification products work for a particular liquid waste and will provide guidance on how to implement the solidification process for their customer.  Additionally, Kroff can assist in sourcing a disposal method for the final solidified waste via our extensive industry network.

Why Are These Needed?

These solidification products allow customers to dispose of liquid waste economically, eliminating the need to chemically treat liquid wastes