KR-DP0168 will prevent and remove the following issues in your discharge and receiving streams:

– Calcium Carbonate Scale

– Iron staining

– Or a combination of Iron Staining and Calcium Carbonate Scale

How Does This Work?

Kroff Chemical’s DP product line will prevent and or remove stream deposition by transforming the way the molecules normally interact in your discharge.

All our descale products are unique in the marketplace and they are designed to target the specific problems at each individual site. We have numerous products depending on the water quality and the specific issue that needs to be controlled at your specific site.

Why Do Customers Need This Product?

Prevent and remove scale and or iron staining in your discharge and receiving streams.

Our descale products allow our customers to discharge clean water without the need to worry about a violation from the State or Federal Agencies.

Kroff has been one of the leaders in the mining industry at removing and preventing calcium carbonate scale and iron staining for over 15 years.