Purified Tannin Boiler Treatment

Kroff’s Purified tannin technology allows boilers to run higher cycles than conventional treatment can, allowing for lower blowdown.  Typical cycles are run at 25-35 cycles. Our purified tannin technology can run 100-200 cycles.  The purified tannin acts as the internal treatment as well as an oxygen scavenger.  Due to the increased cycles of concentration, caustic is no longer needed.

How Does This Work?

Kroff Purified tannin can be fed into the feed water and/or boiler system.  The product can be fed using conventional equipment used in boiler water treatment.  No additional capital is needed to feed the product.   

The purified tannin is unlike other boiler technologies in not only the advantages it will provide our customers, but also the safety aspect of the technology. The product is FDA and Kosher approved and considered “Green” Technology.

 Safer, Greener, and lower cost in one product.

Why Do Customers Need This?

Prevent Scale, corrosion, and fouling which while providing up to 5% on fuel, water, and wastewater savings.

The product will also clean up scale on boiler while operating online. This eliminates off-line acid cleanings which causes downtown and possible damage to the internal metallurgy of the boiler. 

Economic Impacts

Greener Technology with bottom line savings of 5% and higher on fuel, water, and wastewater. One product verse four means less chemical handling and disposal of drums and pails.