Paint Detackification

With paint technology changing so rapidly, It is important to have the technology to detackify water-based, solvent-based, and a mixture of both, at various ratios.  Kroff has decades of experience dealing with these issues, along with automation technology to apply the chemistry seamlessly.

How Does These Work

Managing dynamic, ever-changing, paint detack systems requires more than just feeding chemistry at the proper ratio. It requires an in depth understanding of how YOUR system operates.  This includes water cleanliness to reduce solids in back sections. This increases clean out costs and reduces paint transfer efficiencies. We monitor process cleanliness and react to the data

Foam Control-Foam is the enemy of any detack system. It causes poor paint transfer efficiency, solids up the stack, booth overflows, and potential shutdowns.  We have a comprehensive program to control foam in your system.

Efficient Solids removal-Whether you have a press or a palin, we have years of experience maximizing the efficiency of you solids removal systems.

Why Do Customers Need This?

All Kroff Programs are developed to help you optimize your systems at peak performance to ensure maximum throughput, while maintaining maximum quality control, and reducing environmental impact.