Kroff, Inc. provides you with on-site technical expertise from experienced field personnel. Our consultants bring extensive experience to solving your mine drainage concerns. With our team of Kroff Mining & Aggregates experts combining 50 years of experience, we can ensure that you have the most effective treatment strategy possible.

Achieve and Maintain Outlet Compliance

Environmental regulations are ever-changing. What may be in compliance today, may not be in compliance tomorrow. Your consultant will work with you to design a treatment program using a combination of mechanical and chemical approaches to ensure your outlet discharges meet all current regulations.

Optimize Treatment Cost

Every dollar you spend in treating mine drainage is a dollar taken from your bottom line. Kroff consultants focus on driving down the overall costs of treatment for your system – whether it be chemical costs, pond cleaning, or any other outlay associated with producing regulatory-compliant discharge water.

Reduce Pond Cleaning Through Increased Sludge Compaction

Pond cleaning can be a significant cost in the treatment of mine drainage, as well as a major inconvenience. Kroff’s focus on increasing sludge compaction with our treatment programs will reduce the number of times you need to clean your ponds. Increased sludge compaction will also reduce the amount of water you are paying to have removed and disposed of properly.

Improve Overall Treatment Performance

Whether mechanical performance or your chemical treatment program, Kroff will work to ensure every aspect of your system is working as effectively as possible.

You can buy chemicals from anyone. But with Kroff, you get a partner who will provide the technical expertise and treatment solutions for your mine drainage treatment today, and in the future.