Membrane Chemicals

Water purification membranes are used for a variety of commercial, industrial and
agricultural applications. Membrane treatments are necessary to maximize membrane
performance, efficiency and service life.

How Is This Accomplished?

Membrane treatments are chemical packages designed to maintain and protect membranes, as well as clean and restore membranes.

Kroff uses a holistic approach to design membrane treatment programs.  These programs are multifaceted, including considerations such as end use of the purified water, quality of the influent water, discharge limitations, and environmental factors.

Why Do Customers Need This?

Water purification membranes are susceptible to fouling and damage from many contaminants in the influent water. Membrane treatments are necessary to prevent and remove fouling and to minimize membrane damage. The fouling of membranes can occur from organic and inorganic scale, biological activity and physical debris. Kroff membrane treatments ensure that membrane systems are protected and operate at the highest efficiency with maximum service life.

Environmental Benefits

Proper membrane treatments allow for maximum operational efficiency, which reduces energy consumption and water usage. Additionally, Kroff can implement strategies that maximize water reuse which decreases water consumption and minimizes or eliminates discharge.