Conversion Coatings

Basic overview information:

  • Zirconium Programs
  • Zirconium Hybrid Programs
  • Iron Phosphate Programs
  • Detergent Iron Phosphate Programs
  • Wand Applied Conversion Coatings
  • Traditional Zinc Phosphate Programs

How Do These Work?

As local POTW discharge limitations continue to tighten, KPT has developed alternative programs to prevent process interruption due to mandated technological changes.  KPT has many approvals in many market segments.  We have extensive experience helping to acquire approvals on lines where individual line approval is required.

We have a state of the art lab, with salt spray capabilities, to show we can meet your specifications.

Why Do Customers Need This?

We have developed these programs to help you get the most out of your processes.  Each Kroff program offering is evaluated and tested to ensure process efficiency is optimized, ease of use is maximized, and environmental impact is minimized.