What is FastTrack?

What is FastTrack?

The FastTrack Career Accelerator Program is a revolutionary employee development system that optimizes the process for recruiting, onboarding, training and developing Kroff employees.

It’s how we make you better than you ever thought you could be.

The program supports our business growth and your success by aligning top industry talent with Kroff’s:

  • Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Structure and Processes
  • People and Culture
Nikko B.

I like working at Kroff because...

“...they give me the autonomy to plan and work my own schedule, thusly, allowing me to capitalize on my success personally and professionally.”

- Nikko B.

Why FastTrack?

Why FastTrack?

Our exclusive, accelerated development program provides the vision, motivation and pathway for career success for everyone at Kroff, including those new to the company. FastTrack also provides the framework and processes required to optimize your performance, while giving you a clear view of your professional growth, earning potential and career advancement at Kroff.

FastTrack also incorporates Kroff U, our corporate university that uses a blended, experiential approach toward accelerating learning. Participants are introduced to Kroff Chemical and its unique way of doing business. As you become more immersed in Kroff, you will work through the four key areas of study:

  • Kroff Culture
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Technical Applications
  • Proven Selling Techniques

These disciplines are delivered through a combination of self-study, mentoring and practical on-the-job experiences.

This program incorporates our strong culture, outstanding pay plans and exciting growth opportunities into a truly meaningful and rewarding career path.

Ultimately, you now have the opportunity to be part of an industry-leading force that is only accepting the best talent in the marketplace.

Denise B.

I like working at Kroff because...

“I work for some of the most amazing people and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.”

- Denise B.

FastTrack Results

The Results

Our FastTrack Career Accelerator Program is an integral part of our commitment to become the premier water treatment firm in the world. By providing the best-in-class water treatment products and services in the industry, we will continue to build meaningful, lasting relationships with our customers and staff.

At Kroff, we embrace our business-within-a-business concept, encourage entrepreneurship and maintain a customer-focused, solution-driven, mindset.

Jeremy D.

I like working at Kroff because...

“... The company allows me the freedom and autonomy to run my region as I see fit to achieve optimal success.“

- Jeremy D.

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