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Kroff, Inc. Introduces Solidification Product Line Designed to Safely and Cost-Effectively Remediate Hazardous Waste

Polymers Solidify Water- and Oil- Based Waste at 1-4% Volume of Waste

PITTSBURGH, October 1, 2013 — Kroff, Inc., a specialty chemical company focused on creative solutions for environmental, manufacturing and water treatment processes, is pleased to introduce a new waste solidification product line designed to solidify liquids and suspend pollutants so they are no longer permeable. The advanced polymers enable hazardous waste producers, waste treatment facilities and landfill sites to solidify both water- and oil-based waste.

“Our newly formulated polymers enable companies to replace bulk materials that simply absorb hazardous liquid waste with a relatively small amount of coagulation chemicals,” said Tim Laube, general manager of Kroff Chemical Company, Inc., a Kroff, Inc. company. “Hazardous waste producers, waste treatment facilities and landfill sites dealing with waste can be assured of regulatory compliance, improved results, and more cost-efficient disposal of waste.”

Kroff’s proprietary solidification polymers can remediate hazardous waste at multiple points in the waste stream to save money on material, transportation and disposal costs. Solidification polymers also reduce the cost-per-gallon of waste treated and save money on transportation and disposal by reducing the amount of material needed to treat waste. Solidification polymers are effective at 1-4% the volume of waste compared to 70% for conventional absorption materials. And, unlike conventional absorption materials such as auto fluff and sawdust, Kroff solidification polymers do not release waste under pressure.

“Every industry is seeking a way to save dollars and to be kinder to the environment at the same time,” Laube added. “At Kroff, we believe we’ve found both with our new formulations.”

Kroff Chemical Company provides industry-leading treatment services for boilers, cooling towers and wastewater within an array of industries. With advanced chemistry and innovative processes, Kroff Chemical Company maximizes equipment efficiency, reduces costly downtime and ensures regulatory compliance. The company’s comprehensive treatment programs, laboratory services and technical experts enable customers to focus on core operations.

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