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Kroff, Inc. Introduces Web-Based Chiller Efficiency Program Designed to Provide Measurable Savings in Energy Consumption

ChillerMax Analyzes Daily Chiller Performance and Identifies Maintenance Solutions

PITTSBURGH, May 7, 2012 - Kroff, Inc., a specialty chemical company focused on creative solutions for environmental, manufacturing and water treatment processes, is pleased to introduce ChillerMax, a web-based chiller efficiency program developed in partnership with Chillergy Systems LLC. ChillerMax provides chiller plants with measurable savings in energy consumption, resulting in a reduction in total cost of operation. Through daily analysis of chiller performance, the program identifies operational problems that result in excessive energy costs and recommends maintenance solutions.

“With the potential for centrifugal chillers to consume as much as 40 percent of the total energy budget in a chiller plant, facilities can save money and run greener by operating at a peak level of efficiency,” said Don Tomovich, east regional manager of Kroff Chemical Company, Inc., a Kroff, Inc. company. “ChillerMax is a powerful diagnostic tool that helps to ensure maximum performance. Any problems that are identified are quantified in percentage of efficiency loss, as well as estimated dollar impact.”

Kroff Chemical Company, Inc. is focused on developing water treatment processes that save money by conserving energy and preserving valuable boiler systems and cooling towers. The company’s experienced field engineers design custom water treatment programs to prevent scale, corrosion and microbiological growth that cause equipment downtime. ChillerMax further enhances any treatment program by tracking the performance of certain parameters, such as the temperature profiles on condenser and evaporator water, saturated refrigerant temperatures, oil temperatures and pressures, bearing temperatures, and purge and chiller run times.

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Kroff, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing, full-service water treatment companies in the United States. With patented chemistry, experienced consultants and a commitment to innovation, Kroff engineers solutions for clients that ensure environmental compliance and save money. The company includes: Kroff Chemical Company, Inc. (KCC), providing custom-blended chemicals and processes for water and wastewater treatment; Kroff Facilities Services, Inc. (KFS), enabling companies and organizations to outsource their water treatment services; Kroff Process Technologies, Inc. (KPT), providing process cleaners and lubricants to support the metals production and fabrication industries; Kroff Well Services, Inc. (KWS), offering remediation of flowback waters and production brines for frac water reuse; Kroff International, LLC, with projects in Japan, Europe, Africa and South America; Kroff Lab Services, Inc. (KLS), offering exceptional speed and precision in water analysis and the expertise of a doctoral-level analytical team; Kroff partners with companies in primary metals, manufacturing, health care, and energy and more. Founded in 1988, Kroff is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.