Kroff Lab Services, Inc.
Advanced water analysis.

Kroff Lab Services, Inc. offers an array of analytical services from a renovated 4,100 square-foot facility featuring advanced equipment. A team of scientists test and analyze water and wastewater primarily for customers in the oil and gas exploration industry, but also in sectors as diverse as primary metals, manufacturing and facilities management.

The company’s doctoral-level team works to provide unique solutions that aren’t available anywhere else.

Kroff Lab Services offers industry-leading speed and precision in water analysis to support the company’s partners and corporate clients. The lab focuses on fast, accurate and comprehensive analyses to identify water quality, compatibility with geological substrates, FR loop performance, geochemical modeling for assessment of scaling potential, and microbiological analysis.

Product development is focused primarily on frac fluid design for enhanced performance and 100% flowback reuse for reduced environmental impact in sensitive areas such as the Marcellus shale region.