As a co-founder of Kroff, Inc., Fred Potthoff has realized his vision of a water treatment company that helps customers lower the total cost of their operations through a combination of service and customized solutions.

During his 35-year career, Potthoff has created a track record of serving clients in nearly all industrial sectors. Prior to founding Kroff, he spent 16 years at Nalco Chemical Company and the previous two at Glaxo Wellcome Pharmaceutical Company.

His experience serving clients in the paper, steel, refining, food and utilities industries formed his understanding of customers' challenges, and strengthened his ability to analyze problems and develop innovative solutions.

In 1988, he and co-founder Keith Kronk collaborated to form Kroff Chemical Company, building the organization on client service and a commitment to hiring talented and experienced salespeople. Under their dual leadership, Kroff has grown at a remarkable rate of 20 percent annually.

Kronk expressed early in his career as a corporate marketing trainee with Westinghouse that he wanted to build his own business.

The partnership he built with Potthoff achieved that dream by taking advantage of Kronk’s sales abilities and Potthoff's experience and expertise. The result is a company that enables employees to grow in their jobs and expand their abilities without management interference. Kroff personnel are encouraged to build a business within a business.

Kronk now specializes in forming strategic alliances with partner companies and sourcing quality and affordable raw materials to better service clients’ needs and budgets.