Kroff, Inc. was established April 22, 1988 when founders Keith D. Kronk and Frederick D. Potthoff formed a new water treatment company.

Kronk and Potthoff saw a need in the marketplace for a water treatment chemical company that hires only experienced consultants and provides them with independence and state-of-the-art analytical equipment to do a professional job.

The formula was a success and Kroff has grown substantially ever since. The first few years of business focused on the steel industry, with other accounts in the light industrial, commercial and institutional markets. As the company grew, Kroff’s clientele diversified to include many industrial sectors.

The company's evolution has resulted in a unique corporate structure that encourages the development of subsidiaries under the Kroff, Inc. umbrella.

The first four companies to develop this way were: Kroff Chemical Company, Inc., which continues to focus on providing custom-blended specialty chemicals and water treatment services; Kroff Materials Reprocessing, Inc., created in 2004 to recycle industrial byproducts, especially oil; Kroff Facilities Services, Inc., formed in 2007 to manage water treatment programs; and Kroff Well Services, Inc., established in 2009 to remediate flowback and production brines for reuse of hydraulic fracturing waters.