Are you good enough? Are you up to the challenge?

We are seeking a salesperson with a chemistry or technical background to "build a business within a business."

The right person for the job should:

  • Take pride in being a sales professional;
  • Have a chemistry or technical background;
  • Consider yourself a lifelong learner;
  • Relish building long-term personal relationships with your customers;
  • Look for unique ways to build partnerships with other businesses;
  • Enjoy the challenge of developing unique and value-added approaches to selling;
  • Want excitement, challenge, and to be rewarded for your work; and
  • Embrace the challenge of selling new accounts.

If this describes you, then you might be the person we are looking for!

In this position, you will have the opportunity to flex your creative sales muscles and be backed by a rapidly growing company that has a culture of success and a reputation for producing meaningful results for our customers. This position is about who you'll become, not who you've been.

This job will allow you to grow financially and professionally in a geography of your choice. You and your family can achieve your life goals where you want to live.

This job is not about hiding as a mediocre salesperson within a company. It is about allowing your talent to shine, having fun while doing it, and being rewarded for your efforts.

The candidate we want is:

  • Career-driven;
  • Goal-oriented;
  • Passionate about his or her career;
  • Committed to making a significant contribution to a unique and rapidly growing sales organization; and
  • Willing to take a creative approach to the sales process.

If you fit this profile, contact Leigh Zuccher at:

Kroff, Inc.
One North Shore Center, Suite 450
12 Federal Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

412.321.9802 (f)

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