Water Treatment/Reuse

With natural gas exploration expanding into more environmentally-sensitive locations, producers rely on Kroff Well Services, Inc. technology and expert laboratory support for responsible and effective frac water treatment that can result in 100% reuse. Reuse is a practical and cost-effective alternative to processes that risk contaminating surface water with bromides and other potentially harmful constituents.

Optimized water treatment designs are based on fast, accurate and comprehensive analyses that identify water quality, FR loop performance, scaling potential, microbiological reporting and compatibility with geological formations. The EnviroSTIM™ suite of products was developed in one of the most sophisticated labs in the industry, and has been proven effective on hundreds of wells and thousands of stages.

The result is a frac water strategy that reduces the amount of fresh water withdrawn from natural sources, ensures compliance with evolving state and federal regulations, and demonstrates to the public that low-impact fracturing is possible.

Geochemical Modeling

Fluid design and sequential flowback data are evaluated with sophisticated software to create 3-D imaging and assessments specific to down-hole applications.

Microbiological Evaluations

Testing is performed to provide a rapid analysis of microbiological concentrations in water samples, including extensive analysis for sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), acid-producing bacteria (APB) and total aerobic bacteria counts. Immediate assessment for total bacteria population is performed by the Adenosine Triphosphate Process (ATP).

Sequential Flowback Reports

Water samples are submitted during post-frac flowback to enable Kroff Well Services to anticipate the geochemical impact throughout a reservoir.

Sequential flowback analyses provide a basis for flowback reuse strategies, including blending plans and water remediation recommendations.

Proprietary frac fluid technology incorporates pre-frac water analysis and historical flowback results to provide dosage recommendations based on geographic location.

Friction Reduction Analysis

Kroff Well Services employs advanced friction reduction analyzers (FR loops) to optimize frac fluid by determining the impact of various water conditions and fluid design components on performance.

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