Kroff Chemical Company, Inc.


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Boilers. Cooling towers. Wastewater.

We know water, and we know how to keep your operations flowing so that you can focus on what is critical to you – your customers, your business objectives and your bottom line.

Improper water treatment can cost thousands of dollars in wasted fuel and could ultimately destroy valuable boiler systems and cooling towers.

Kroff Chemical Company, Inc. prevents scale and corrosion and microbiological growth with sophisticated, custom-designed treatment programs, while avoiding production stoppages caused by equipment downtime.

Our innovative wastewater treatment solutions optimize water flow and ensure optimal discharge composition.

With a team of experienced field engineers, Kroff Chemical Company applies a unique variety of coagulation, emulsion breaking, precipitation, flocculation and demulsification products and processes.

Kroff Chemical Company can provide chemical treatment services under a 100% Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business program.

Kroff Chemical Company: Chemical Solutions Brochure (PDF)
Kroff Chemical Company: Commercial & Institutional Kit (PDF)
Kroff Chemical Company: Utility Industry Brochure (PDF)